Meat me: the truth is scary

The truth is scary, the truth is ugly & no one wants to admit that they have done something wrong especially when it is socially acceptable to do so. No one wants to say “wow i contributed to this”, but none of that changes the fact that the truth is the truth. I began shifting my diet to plant based earlier this year, are animals still being slaughter yes but i am one less consumer. the law of supply and demand states that if there is no demand there is no supply. as a minority i’m not offended at the correlations made between the holocaust and slavery and the treatment of animals. what WHY???? simply put i am open minded and i can very well recognize all of the similarities and the comparisons made. Swap people with animals and its the same thing all the way down to the watching their family members get murdered, medical testing, murdered in barbaric ways, starvation, zero rights to live, over worked, stressed, torture, offspring’s stolen and sold, stolen and used for bait, stolen and killed, mass graves and rape/forced artificial insemination (all of those were aspects of western slavery that is never taught when this a countries slavery is spoke about).

so its easy for me to see where the comparison can be made and that is why i am not offended. people lessen those atrocities as well, ignore and ignored that they happened and to this very day there are people (usually supporters) who stand by the statement “it wasn’t that bad, some people were taken care of”. no people were property and had no voice.

are animals and people the same? no, but they are both sentient with very dynamic social structures. they both think and feel, they show affection and they know when to be fearful.

reality is people are taught how to be violent, just as they are taught compassion.

people are so quick to say what they could never do, “i could never not eat bacon, or chicken, or lamb.” How do you know if you never even tried? Even when meat was in my diet, i did not eat meat everyday. I did not have a desire to eat it everyday. I will tell you this, being made aware is a powerful thing.

Being taught how to treat other people and animals is a powerful thing. treating others as you would want them to treat you, develops internalized compassion and makes it manifest. The fact is people see things wrong but we are so desensitized that it no longer bothers them. contrary to popular belief we are not born with a desire to eat meat…we are taught it, conditioned and subliminally told this is the norm. why do you think a child’s first inclination when they see an animal is to be amazed by it, want to hold it, touch it, care for it or pet it and not bite it and rip its flesh off like a lion cub would. think about it, they say things like “but mommy i want to hold it” and not “mommy i want to eat it” when it comes to animals.

I’ve seen numerous times the question asked by vegans “what would you call someone that kills something that does not want to die?” i have yet to see someone answer. the truth is scary…but it is also necessary for growth, we are not perfect. good thing perfection is not a prerequisite for growth and compassion. small changes have big impacts. am i personally saying go vegan over night, no what im saying is personally i think it is a superior diet to the modern standard western diet and it is something worth incorporating into your diet a few days a week. its not all salads. why is it better because it is healthier for your body and mind. And unless you live in a barren area where vegetation does not grow, you cannot go buy it, you cannot barter it, and it is not possible to get its not vital for you nutritional existence.

the first thing people say is protein we need it as if you cant get it without meat…where do you think your protein get their protein? they get it from vegetation.

am i vegan not yet, however i do eat a plant based diet.

Do i think children should be exposed to that diet yes, a diet that puts health and compassion first cannot be wrong.

should a child be forced to eat meat or be made to feel bad even when there is an alternative that scientifically proves its not vital for a healthy diet? no.

Do i think that compassion will branch out into other aspects of their life yes i do.

Do i think people who eat meat are bad people, no.

would i want to associate with someone who watch cowspiracy or farmegdon or forks over knives, the china study etc and did not feel like wow thats really messed up, i should cut back and or cut out? ummmm not particularly because if you can stomach that type of brutality/ information and be fine with it…you may not be “ok”, lol im just saying.

in closing:

am i better than you, no im human.

was this information an “easy to follow read” yes.

feel free to comment.


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