Flesh and bones

If you really want to stop comsuming meat start by cutting out specific things Instead of going cold if that’s easier. The health benefits alone are reasons to make healthy changes. Start with no pork do that for a month or two then do no red meat do that for a month or two. then do no white meat or chicken by the fifth or six months you’ll be down to just fish. Then do no fish. Before 6 months to a year you would have cut everything out of your diet as far as animal by products. after all of those are gone then then do no Dairy starting with no milk…then with no cheese (this is where i currently am:) ).

pretty soon you’ll be completely plant-based. It’s not just salads:) if you have Instagram pull up the hashtag #kissthenyxkitchen you’ll see what I mean:) this is coming from a person that used to order a blt with extra bacon and cheese and bacon on the side (I really used to love it…I just realized I loved the pigs and environment more). Documentaries that may product the health reason why to switch: super size me, forks over knives, vegucated, farmagedon, fat sick and nearly dead, cowspiracy (true and graphic).

Try incorporating plant protein substitutes  #gardein and #beyondmeat are good and #traderjoes has a nice selection of #vegetarian and #Vegan options.

Eat truely clean and workout and most health issues decrease and some disappear all together.


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