Life is about choice (extended with links and citations)

I don’t like being asked that question…first of all it doesn’t make sense. What do the animals eat how are they being sustained?

Q: what if you lived in a place where vegetation didnt grow?
A: I don’t live there i live here in a society where there are tons of grocers, markets and land that is rich enough to produce grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. So I’m not forced to succumb to that…but then again…Neither are you.

Q: I could never live off rabbit food…how are you doing that?
A: I eat a variety of food, most of which don’t look vegetarian or vegan. My Instagram is @kissthenyx #kissthenyxkitchen

Q: Protein….?
A: I get tons more from what I eat now than I did eating meat.(lol i dont know why are people so concerned with this, do you even know how much you require?)

There is so much misinformation and so many smoke screens in the standard american diet. …so much.

Bottom line:

I’ve been eating #plantbased since January, #pescatarian since March, #lactoovovegetarian since may, #lactovegetarian since June, #Vegetarian since july and primarily #vegan for the last 1.5 weeks (#igottricked I gotta do better at label reading…animal byproducts have a lot of code names).

I now see for what they are, literally a chickens period. Just as I discard an egg every month, they discard an egg the only difference is I no longer eat theirs. Also eggs are so high in cholesterol one of the reasons for that is likely due to the fact that everything that makes a chicken a chicken is inside of the egg. The DNA to create the feathers, the beak, the skin, the organs, the brain all of that DNA is self contained inside of that egg.

Animal lover:
I didn’t understand it until I made the connection. People were so upset about the dogs being slaughtered in China. How could they do this to a beloved animal?
How could they eat that that’s disgusting?
What type of person would do that?
But then the same people turn around and have pig, Cow, Chicken, Duck, veal, bison, deer, horse, fish etc and they don’t bat an eye.
They don’t make the connection that there is literally. To them dogs are food, to you cows are food: an animal is still an animal and the end result is that animal does not want to die to benefit you….no more than you want to die to benefit someone else.

How can you love something and then eat it?

I don’t see how people can actually view slaughterhouse videos and still not make the connection that the animal that is being drugged to their deaths Don’t Wanna Die.

The dietary facts alone and medical journals support vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles as the optimum health. Hyperglycemia (has been reversed on a raw vegan diet and crons disease in many cases) and type 2 diabetes along with a host of other aliments. Many dieseases cannot thrive once the body under goes that change. Diseases thrive in acidic conditions. Meat and animal byproducts are not alkaline they are acidic.

Have you ever heard the saying but a doctor’s job is not to cure the sick but to treat it.

If someone is constantly treating you and not giving you a cure you’re constantly paying money you’re constantly buying pills you’re constantly getting checkups you’re constantly sick which is Big Business.

FDA, big phrama, and the standard american diet goes hand in hand.


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