“Real ties, divide reel lives”, Watch “Earthlings – [FULL MOVIE]” #YouTube

“Real ties, divide reel lives”, dietary propaganda is just as real as other types. Ex: You need milk for strong bones, without us the animals would die, without us animals over populate the world, cage free chicken, grass fed cow, GMOs are safe and shouldn’t have to be labeled, the puss in milk won’t make you sick, it’s normal to be lactose intolerant here take this pill, happy dairy cow commericals, humane slaughter, you’ll be deficient if you don’t eat meat, I love animals to but… etc etc etc 😑😒

Word of the day: sentient.
Definition: sen·tient
adjective: sentient
able to perceive or feel things.
“she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms”
synonyms: (capable of) feeling, living, live; More
conscious, aware, responsive, reactive
“any sentient creature should have the good sense to avoid something so dangerous”

Example of word in a sentence:
I do not eat the flesh of sentient beings because it is unnecessary for sustaining life when there are alternatives.

Explain: Sentient beings feel pain and they are fully aware of what’s happening and contray to popular opinion there is no such thing as humane killing.

Health: plant protein > animal protein. (According to the American dietic as., EU, and the world health organization ie WHO)

Illogical Fallacy: “im a carnivore/omnivore”.

Reality: no, youre a frugivore. Check your teeth,jaw bone structure, saliva, length of intestines, stomach acidity, and you ability to look at and bite into a grazing cow or fly covered road kill and be like oh yes dinner is served.

Comic relief: mmmmmmm bacon. Response: I love the taste of bacon I just don’t want something to have to die because i enjoy the flavor…i know now that, that is selfish.

Movie to watch: #earthlings
*graphic warning: the following content is graphic*

#plantbased #vegetarian #vegan


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