I have a theory if you’d like to read it…here it is. ( “Alarming” — For the First Time Ever, Bees Added to the Endangered Species List)


I have a 4 part theory on this. The #bees know the difference between genetically modified food and non genetically modified food. Second theory the amount of genetically modified food far outweighs the amount that is not and we as a general public are unaware as to how much because of the lack of labeling due to lobbying. Theory 3 It’s much easier to assume that they’re dying out because of climate change, however it’s much more realistic to assume that because they inherently know the difference of what plants to pollinate and what plants not to pollinate genetically they’re not made to pollinate man-made products (notice I said products and not food and or plants). 4th theory we don’t know the genetic modified food implications on environment or on health because there hasn’t been enough studies on it yet. If a bee with all of its intelligence knows what plants to pollinate which plants not to pollinate, which plants pollinate and flourish with other plants, why people surprised that they would reject the very environment we are changing. Genetically modified organisms are not a perfect genetic copy thus their additives and removals must not go unnoticed to the main insect used to prolong it’s lineage. Ijs. Disagree if you want…it is only a theory. -Nakoia

Side note interesting read: Intresting read: Bees

It amazes me how many people are pro-gmo without knowing the lasting effects on the environment and or the body long term. It also amazes me how someone with a theory and or speculation can state that someone else’s theory is wrong when they have not proven it to be invalid. Speculation versus speculation equals a baseless moronic debate…if an opinion or a theory was a fact then…it would not be theory. There are positive and negatives to everything if you search for it long enough. #youreachin





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