Prunella Vulgaris homemade cold, fever and allergy help.

The ingredients list is as follows:

prunella vulgaris 2 cups dried leaves. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide ( 2 drops is extremely diluted in this amount of water do not consume food grade hydrogen peroxide on its own without being diluted. Do not get food grade hydrogen peroxide on your skin as it will turn white and get hot. Read all instructions before handling. Handle with caution and care, when this is done this is a very useful home remedy  with the host of benefits. Be sure to read your packaging and your labels I got mine from the vitamin patch on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale Michigan in the refrigerated section where they keep the live culture probiotics. Review the link attached READ ME: hydrogen peroxide information) (this can be omitted)

Three lemons whole, the zest of three lemons and the lemon oil READ ME: Benefits of lemons

 1 leveled tablespoon of turmeric READ ME: Benefits of Tumeric also Benefits of Golden Milk

One teaspoon and a half of cinnamon READ ME: Benefits of cinnamon

one teaspoon of Madagascar vanilla bourbon

Two chopped tablespoons of ginger READ ME: Benefits of Ginger

5 cloves READ ME: Benefits of Cloves

Five cups of water

Bring it to a boil

Then let simmer on low for an hour

Prunella Vulgaris, Heal All Plant info

Prunella Vulgaris, Heal All Plant

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