“Real ties, divide reel lives”, Watch “Earthlings – [FULL MOVIE]” #YouTube

“Real ties, divide reel lives”, dietary propaganda is just as real as other types. Ex: You need milk for strong bones, without us the animals would die, without us animals over populate the world, cage free chicken, grass fed cow, GMOs are safe and shouldn’t have to be labeled, the puss in milk won’t make you sick, it’s normal to be lactose intolerant here take this pill, happy dairy cow commericals, humane slaughter, you’ll be deficient if you don’t eat meat, I love animals to but… etc etc etc 😑😒

Word of the day: sentient.
Definition: sen·tient
adjective: sentient
able to perceive or feel things.
“she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms”
synonyms: (capable of) feeling, living, live; More
conscious, aware, responsive, reactive
“any sentient creature should have the good sense to avoid something so dangerous”

Example of word in a sentence:
I do not eat the flesh of sentient beings because it is unnecessary for sustaining life when there are alternatives.

Explain: Sentient beings feel pain and they are fully aware of what’s happening and contray to popular opinion there is no such thing as humane killing.

Health: plant protein > animal protein. (According to the American dietic as., EU, and the world health organization ie WHO)

Illogical Fallacy: “im a carnivore/omnivore”.

Reality: no, youre a frugivore. Check your teeth,jaw bone structure, saliva, length of intestines, stomach acidity, and you ability to look at and bite into a grazing cow or fly covered road kill and be like oh yes dinner is served.

Comic relief: mmmmmmm bacon. Response: I love the taste of bacon I just don’t want something to have to die because i enjoy the flavor…i know now that, that is selfish.

Movie to watch: #earthlings
*graphic warning: the following content is graphic*

#plantbased #vegetarian #vegan


Meat me: the truth is scary

The truth is scary, the truth is ugly & no one wants to admit that they have done something wrong especially when it is socially acceptable to do so. No one wants to say “wow i contributed to this”, but none of that changes the fact that the truth is the truth. I began shifting my diet to plant based earlier this year, are animals still being slaughter yes but i am one less consumer. the law of supply and demand states that if there is no demand there is no supply. as a minority i’m not offended at the correlations made between the holocaust and slavery and the treatment of animals. what WHY???? simply put i am open minded and i can very well recognize all of the similarities and the comparisons made. Swap people with animals and its the same thing all the way down to the watching their family members get murdered, medical testing, murdered in barbaric ways, starvation, zero rights to live, over worked, stressed, torture, offspring’s stolen and sold, stolen and used for bait, stolen and killed, mass graves and rape/forced artificial insemination (all of those were aspects of western slavery that is never taught when this a countries slavery is spoke about).

so its easy for me to see where the comparison can be made and that is why i am not offended. people lessen those atrocities as well, ignore and ignored that they happened and to this very day there are people (usually supporters) who stand by the statement “it wasn’t that bad, some people were taken care of”. no people were property and had no voice.

are animals and people the same? no, but they are both sentient with very dynamic social structures. they both think and feel, they show affection and they know when to be fearful.

reality is people are taught how to be violent, just as they are taught compassion.

people are so quick to say what they could never do, “i could never not eat bacon, or chicken, or lamb.” How do you know if you never even tried? Even when meat was in my diet, i did not eat meat everyday. I did not have a desire to eat it everyday. I will tell you this, being made aware is a powerful thing.

Being taught how to treat other people and animals is a powerful thing. treating others as you would want them to treat you, develops internalized compassion and makes it manifest. The fact is people see things wrong but we are so desensitized that it no longer bothers them. contrary to popular belief we are not born with a desire to eat meat…we are taught it, conditioned and subliminally told this is the norm. why do you think a child’s first inclination when they see an animal is to be amazed by it, want to hold it, touch it, care for it or pet it and not bite it and rip its flesh off like a lion cub would. think about it, they say things like “but mommy i want to hold it” and not “mommy i want to eat it” when it comes to animals.

I’ve seen numerous times the question asked by vegans “what would you call someone that kills something that does not want to die?” i have yet to see someone answer. the truth is scary…but it is also necessary for growth, we are not perfect. good thing perfection is not a prerequisite for growth and compassion. small changes have big impacts. am i personally saying go vegan over night, no what im saying is personally i think it is a superior diet to the modern standard western diet and it is something worth incorporating into your diet a few days a week. its not all salads. why is it better because it is healthier for your body and mind. And unless you live in a barren area where vegetation does not grow, you cannot go buy it, you cannot barter it, and it is not possible to get its not vital for you nutritional existence.

the first thing people say is protein we need it as if you cant get it without meat…where do you think your protein get their protein? they get it from vegetation.

am i vegan not yet, however i do eat a plant based diet.

Do i think children should be exposed to that diet yes, a diet that puts health and compassion first cannot be wrong.

should a child be forced to eat meat or be made to feel bad even when there is an alternative that scientifically proves its not vital for a healthy diet? no.

Do i think that compassion will branch out into other aspects of their life yes i do.

Do i think people who eat meat are bad people, no.

would i want to associate with someone who watch cowspiracy or farmegdon or forks over knives, the china study etc and did not feel like wow thats really messed up, i should cut back and or cut out? ummmm not particularly because if you can stomach that type of brutality/ information and be fine with it…you may not be “ok”, lol im just saying.

in closing:

am i better than you, no im human.

was this information an “easy to follow read” yes.

feel free to comment.

Protected: If thou shall fall

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No poem this time this 1 is just a regular blog entry…ill post a poem to make up for it in a bit.

So a few days ago a question was posed to me. The question was very simple, very direct and even with simplicity being its very nature I had no idea how to truly answer it. Now I’m a little shy but I can  very well handle being put on the spot its just that this question threw me off.

The question was what do you like to do? Simple I know right? Or so I thought. It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts, then it took me a few moments to actually think of what is I actually like to do-bizarre right.

The fact is that now that I actually thought about it I don’t really do anything besides work and go to service meeting we I can, write, sketch.movie watch occasionally and more work. So my response had to be extremely generic and probably make me sound like a lackluster idiot lol but I don’t really do anything. Which really makes that an awkward question…

You see you have people who do all sorts of lively things they go out, they go to the mall, they love shopping, events, parties, they do things outside with other humans, some even have kids, you see they do a lot of different things that occupy their time. And I really just came to the realization that I am NOT 1 of those people that has a fascinating life.

I mean its ok, It would be nice to be 1 of those people and I would love to be one of those people but it never quite works out that way. Which is kind of sad. Its so odd when somebody actually asks you that question and you know they are probably expecting a response that any other average 28 year old would give.

The reality is I work a lot and I have bills and I have responsibilities and it just does not leave a lot of time to do anything else…plus its cold and i depised cold weather…really i do…yes im a november baby but that does not mean i have to like it. Also I don’t have a big circle of friends and I keep to myself which probably isn’t healthy but its the life I have that I’ve become accustomed to having it. I don’t let everybody is close to me. Defense mechanism- Not everybody is meant to be in your inner circle anyway but those who are..are and those who are I love. Lol.

So I think my response went something like I like to cook and workout and I write a lot but that’s really it. Oh and I like to go sit by the water downtown when its warm or hot. Do you see how generic that is. I can always say how much I like to play with fire, knives and people watch but that might be perceived kind of strange on some small lev.

Who knows maybe this year will be different maybe I’ll actually find something that I enjoy doing, aside from things that keep me isolated and some people I enjoy doing things with.

Apparently I’ve been told that is not healthy to keep to yourself as if “you’re some kind of hermit.” Lol. I guess… everything has its own time and it’s own place…this life is not different.

Fact is a fact tbc

People will only go as far as you will allow them to go…most of them missed the last train and don’t even know. The limitations and boundaries you set for how someone will treat you are first enforced by you and you alone. Know you worth, expect
nothing less and accept nothing less. -Koia sweet dreams:)

Sucker Punched

Definition of SUCKER PUNCH

transitive verb
: to punch (a person) suddenly without warning and often without apparent provocation
sucker punch noun
Examples of SUCKER PUNCH
  1. One of them sucker punched me.

First Known Use of SUCKER PUNCH



i dont know what is more emotionally taxing: placing your self into the vulnerable position to begin with or getting hurt as a result of being in a vulnerable position. Personally i chose the latter. Why? think about it like this: just placing your self in a vulnerable position is not that bad. People do it all the time. I personally am not a fan of it. I dont intend to do it again any time soon but at least you and or i could say I was open minded enough to at least open myself up. The second one *clinks ice in glass as i watch the Tennessee Honey swirl as i tilt my cup*, that second one smh. The second one is like falling twice in a row. Its the second one that makes you angry because you not only allowed yourself to open up you also left yourself wide open to get sucker punched before you fell onto the ground. nice visual, eh? yeah, i know i like dramatic visual stimuli.

the main thing about being sucker punched is you never see it coming. you know its a possibility that it is there lurking in the shadows but the actual likelihood that you’d be the one getting punched doesn’t really come into mind. well it doesn’t come into mind until right before it happens. id rather be the one doing the punching as oppose to being on the receiving end but i digress. but then again who wouldn’t.

makes me wonder where would something like karma come into play with this. do you believe in karma? maybe not “karma” karma but what it represents. that exchange of constant energy. that notion that when you do good , good comes back to you and when you do wrong the wrongs come back to you. if so there are going to be quite a few screwed people, some of who is probably reading this right now. its a little different when you’re the one that did nothing wrong though. what does the karma energy do with that? does it like leave it on the shelf to diminish in case you do wrong in the future O_o?

i guess we all have things we wish we could redo. you cant expect someone else to just fall in line forgive and forget just because you want them to. life doesn’t work that way, and what may be a valid reason to you may not mean anything to the person you hurt. at that point all you can do is try to make it up to them and hope that they are forgiving and understanding. but then again you cant keep adding on to what you’ve already done either, compacting problem after problem. i was once told that the sleeve is no place to wear your heart when i asked why she said because it makes it too easy for the wrong person the grab it. i got the concept at the time but now ive grasped the actual understanding:) she was really on to something, i love when random people drop knowlegde at random times.

i was going to insert a poem here but ill save that for tonight.



:) = O_o???


You want to throw someone off. The next person you walk pass smile and say hi.

I speak to invisable people all the time. People who seemingly go unnoticed because they think they are faded into the back ground. Nope…sorry love I see you. You can’t hide from me in grey.

I especially like the ones who either act all angry until you speak with that “no one better talk to me” mad at the world walk. Oh and the shy people who smile and quickly nod as they look at the ground and scurry past. Hehe do I make you nervous??? I can’t possibly be intimidating. You know what it is… I think people are so used to people being rude that that genuinely do not know how to react when someone is pleasant.

I’ve had people tell me I’m too nice…*shrugs*

Its sort of sad really….anyways try it…your smile could save someones life.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing



Why is it you can not have it all? Some one that loves and respects you, someone to laugh with, cry with, joke with. Be one with…and have good memories knowing that there will be some bad ones mixed in. The truth is no matter how loving you are, caring you are, trustworthy and faithful you are. No matter how much you give and receive nothing in return, No matter how many times you have made love…argued or shed tears. No matter how many times you open yourself up to someone…giving everything you have with no hesitation. It doesnt matter that you were there for them when they needed you or even when they didnt. The hours you spent talking about future plans, countless nights you laid looking in their eyes or the moments you watch their angelic face as they slept…. IT will never be enough in some peoples eyes and since you can only give what you have…i guess in the end you had nothing all along. Food for thought. Is that friend of yours a real friend or are a reel friend. Time heals physical scars, but you can heal the mental ones.


So long…longer longest…and I’m back


“Its been so long since you’ve been gone feels good when I’m with you I miss you….come back home. I need your smile haven’t seen you in a while I’m so alone I miss you come back home.”

This is what the pages of my note book has been saying to me. Its been calling me for months and I haven’t returned any of its phone calls. No texts and no emails….smh. Its been popping up where I should be only to miss me by a few seconds everytime. Its amazing how we indirectly put off things that give us pleasure. That’s not an easy thing to do, but its easier than it should be.

Me personally id rather write than talk…which is prolly why I text so much. Bare* with me I know that seems strange BUT:

When you write there is no choice but to feel the emotions I have wringed from my soul to place on a page for you. The words are in black, blue and white…for the most part. But when you speak smh. Those words seem less intense and people will try to turn and twist what you say so that it makes sense to them. Especially people who think they are smarter than you or those really annoying ones who swear they know everthing. If I write you what I mean as I mean it not amount of winding mental tornados are going to change the words upon this page. Your interpretation may vary but what I said surely will not.

My paper however, he never does that. (Yes….my paper is male if its any consolation my car is female) anyways. My paper is unbiased, has always been there, it never argues and tells me wrote I wrote doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t smirk or scoff and as long as I don’t spill water on it….or burn it…it will stay with me as long as I need it to.

Yes burn because I have a tendency to murder my own words. Sometimes when you free write all honesty comes out and even though its from my own pen it has a tendency to be painful so I remember the truths…but burn the pages so that no one else sees that part.

Yeah…I know that’s selfish…I haven’t done it in a long time but I have done it….maybe I’m the only one who has who knows.

That method is prolly as theraputic as it is unhealthy but in my 20 something years here it has served me well:)

I think the next time it knocks ill kick it a minute….because this reminiscing is reminding me of why I should’ve answered the calls.

Write back later….I have more packing to do:/

Dying to Breathe

“This world is slowing dying but it will not die before its infection reaches its end.” #NyxProverb


Is it better to be love or be in love?

what do you think about love, is it better to be love or be in love?-Janie

Well Janie I think love is for suckahs!!! j/k. I don’t know I’m at a point where I know all love is not good love and all love is not equal. To give yourself freely and openly to someone, leaves you defenseless and vulnerable. Which I am not a fan of- but at the same time if you’re open and left vulnerable and defenseless being with someone who truly loves and cares for you is the safest place to be. They can give you strength. You should never give your heart away freely. If someone wants it, make them earn it. Make them show you that they are willing to keep in the same condition or better than when you gave it to them. If they can’t offer you that…no matter how much you may like them…its best to let them go. So…which would I prefer? When I love I love hard as you should. If you can’t give yourself completely don’t give yourself at all. It’s better to be loved than unloved. And it is better to be IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS in love with only you than just being in love. That’s longer than you expected it to be huh lol. Eh what can I say *shrugs…and exits stage left*

So…what you want to know?

does size matter? 8===o 8=======o 8==o 8===========o ?

Does size matter?

hell yeah….size of the heart, size of the brain, size of the trust, size of the love, size of the faith…yeah size matters alot….but that not what you were talking about huh. it matters to an extent what really matters is if you know what youre doing lol thats what really counts.

i just wanna be…

“It’s bad, know I mean. It’s bad. Sometimes s*** is bad, look. Don’t feel no pity for me. ‘Cause I’m goin’ through a couple things. Life means change, that’s the way it goes. All my life I had a constant burning, a strong deep desire. An aching ambiguous yearning, yearning, yearning. For something better, for something bigger. For something wider, for something higher. And lots of regrets ’cause I ain’t seem to found it yet. I’ve been searchin’ around the world. Never knowin’ what to expect. I get sad sometimes, yes, I be mad sometimes. ‘Cause I’m out here on the grind makin’ mine. And I still can’t seem to find what i’ve been lookin’ for. Opened so many doors, for real, yo. I just wanna be loved. Sometimes it’s so hard I guess, you know, you know. What I’m talkin’ about, what I’m talkin’ about. What I’m talking about, you know, you know. I just wanna be, just wanna be loved”- Jill Scott

Insert Learned Life Lesson Here: to be  continued. …that statement is interesting in itself huh…


Don’t feel no pity for me

Pity is best left for those who feel like they have nothing else to lose and or gain. The truth is self pity is nothing more than a excuse for ones self to stop trying.  Pity from others usually comes in the from of friends coddling you with phrases like “its not your fault” and “girl you can do better”. Which in reality are 2 statement you already know and probably dont feel like hearing over and over again.

I’m goin’ through a couple things

“I’m goin’ through a couple things” is usually our way of toning down the things that are actually wrong with us so that everyone and their mothers would stop asking us what is wrong. I say us because I myself have used such a statement to deflect the main issues and lead into another topic totally unrelated to my business. Lol, yeah consider me guilty. But the truth is everyone somewhere is going through something. Our problems just seem bigger to us because they belong to us. We own them and sometimes nurture them even though we honestly don’t mean to. That nurturing can come in many forms too…some good, some bad, some ugly and even some wtf was I thinking.

Life means change, that’s the way it goes.

Life is change. People change every day. Seriously though if you take nothing away from yesterday to better yourself today then what was the point of waking up. Every relationship we have ever had has been preparation for what is yet to come. If she/he cheated in your past relationship…I bet you won’t ignore them same signs in your next relationship. You know what I’m talking about, the late night phone whispering, the going in the other room to talk while the room y’all are in is quiet, the locking of the phone, the computer that always have a deleted history even though you just saw them get off one of those social networking sites, how about their attitude changes and them getting extra sharp before they leave the house or mysterious marks. Yeah honey, you’re going to pay attention to all that. Life brings change and with change brings growth.

All my life I had a constant burning, a strong deep desire. An aching ambiguous yearning, yearning, yearning.

Oh honey if only we did know what was in store for us when we let our stupid mouths utter words that our brain told us to keep in. Funny thing about words is once they are out, baby they are gone and where ever they land is that person problem lol. I dated my ex-fiancé for 6 months prior to finding out he was a regular smoker and 9 months because I found out his normal alcohol intake and the intake where he should stop were two totally different things. Or try dating someone only for them to get engaged and forget to tell you they were seriously dating anyone. The truth is most people have at least 2 personae: the first is that initial person you meet…aka the front.

Common fronts for females are pretending to like your hobbies…if they don’t know anymore about football than when they first started watching that game with you…it’s a front. Cooking- saying things like hell yeah I can cook and 6 months after y’all start dating her cookbooks are collecting dust. Common front for males, hell I’m not sure…y’all have just as many if not more than we do. Yeah I said it.

The second personae is the real them. This is the person that’s  rude, occasionally argumentative for no damn reason, passes gas with out an “excuse me”, you know the one that never flushes the toilet. That one that has multiple problems that is everyone elses fault, cant budget because everything that comes out is a must have. The one that is overly flirtatious, majorly jealous, lies about small things. You now the ones that are only cute when she has weave, make up, nails and a push bra on or he a fresh line up and someones name tag across his ass. They are that person that if you decided to pop or answer “the question” early you would be hella pissed because they weren’t what you expected lol. You never know what to expect, thats why when people say bs like “it was love at first sight” i try muffle my cackles and pray that they are joking. You cant love someone you don’t know. You can admire them, be infatuated with them, like them or be in lust with them but love -(hell naw get out of here with that fiction). I’m going to end here and pick this up in the subsequent post because the next part may um run-ith over-ith…quite a bit-ith.

*smiles and chucks up a deuce*


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