Meat me: the truth is scary

The fact is people see things wrong but we are so desensitized that it no longer bothers them. contrary to popular belief we are not born with a desire to eat meat…we are taught it, conditioned and subliminally told this is the norm. why do you think a child’s first inclination when they see an animal is to be amazed by it, want to hold it, touch it, care for it or pet it and not bite it and rip its flesh off like a lion cub would. think about it, they say things like “but mommy i want to hold it” and not “mommy i want to eat it” when it comes to animals.


No poem this time this 1 is just a regular blog entry…ill post a poem to make up for it in a bit. So a few days ago a question was posed to me. The question was very simple, very direct and even with simplicity being its very nature I had no idea how to […]

Fact is a fact tbc

People will only go as far as you will allow them to go…most of them missed the last train and don’t even know. The limitations and boundaries you set for how someone will treat you are first enforced by you and you alone. Know you worth, expect nothing less and accept nothing less. -Koia sweet […]