“Real ties, divide reel lives”, Watch “Earthlings – [FULL MOVIE]” #YouTube

“Real ties, divide reel lives”, dietary propaganda is just as real as other types. Ex: You need milk for strong bones, without us the animals would die, without us animals over populate the world, cage free chicken, grass fed cow, GMOs are safe and shouldn’t have to be labeled, the puss in milk won’t make you sick, it’s normal to be lactose intolerant here take this pill, happy dairy cow commericals, humane slaughter, you’ll be deficient if you don’t eat meat, I love animals to but… etc etc etc 😑😒

Word of the day: sentient.
Definition: sen·tient
adjective: sentient
able to perceive or feel things.
“she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms”
synonyms: (capable of) feeling, living, live; More
conscious, aware, responsive, reactive
“any sentient creature should have the good sense to avoid something so dangerous”

Example of word in a sentence:
I do not eat the flesh of sentient beings because it is unnecessary for sustaining life when there are alternatives.

Explain: Sentient beings feel pain and they are fully aware of what’s happening and contray to popular opinion there is no such thing as humane killing.

Health: plant protein > animal protein. (According to the American dietic as., EU, and the world health organization ie WHO)

Illogical Fallacy: “im a carnivore/omnivore”.

Reality: no, youre a frugivore. Check your teeth,jaw bone structure, saliva, length of intestines, stomach acidity, and you ability to look at and bite into a grazing cow or fly covered road kill and be like oh yes dinner is served.

Comic relief: mmmmmmm bacon. Response: I love the taste of bacon I just don’t want something to have to die because i enjoy the flavor…i know now that, that is selfish.

Movie to watch: #earthlings
*graphic warning: the following content is graphic*

#plantbased #vegetarian #vegan


Dear chile’

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dear child…
i watched you grow in stages, like pages of a book…you cant see it but there are volumes within you.
Beautiful and pure…untainted.
A blank slate was left here for you, the mold is no clone.
so innocent you were.
Our words and actions dye your skin in shades of grace.
Stripes and strikes placed on you by unknown faces.
…while allowing you to tread in unsafe places.
how can they say we love you.
Recreation centers replaced with abandoned buildings.
Museums looking like catacombs and mausoleums.
parks covered in glass and needles.
But we love you.
sandbox sand infiltrated with trap hose toys and no shovels… remnants of long nights and wild parties but mama doesnt know.
she never bothered to check and your father was faceless and left blameless…or so he thought.
She lives in a distracted light as the guys from across the hall check up on her.
Eyes rolled back she says…”its okay baby go play”… words traveling through darkess trickled sweetly from her lips as her hips swayed closing the door behind you.
But they love you.
No swings just pilars and a broken down slide…strangers in the disance asking if he wants a ride.
But no one hears the screams inside.
Broken down and bruised…reaching for hugs from the heartless…my heart is breaking.
i think they lead us into the dark to see what we are made of.
you are the future they cry out from the roof tops into empty stadiums, filled with out dated textbook with pages that might as well be empty.
chalkboards cracked.
recycled news papers and inkless pens.
learn from our mistakes they said.
We love you.
Left us jobless…outsourcing is a thing of the future.
Echoed words of “they only take the jobs you wouldnt want anyway” cascade reality.
How can you learn with no teacher?
Love is a four letter word…..you taught us plenty.
Caste system set up.
Children casted upon your feet like a beggars pleading for change.
They are hoping and praying for a little help.
Other countries have free higher education, health care higher standards life.
They have money to give the rich but no money to feed to poor, they look at us while we lay bleeding on semi prestine floors.
Scared to let go…my child i dont think love lives here.
But they love you.
i am so sorry that i can not protect and shield you they say.
nurse and feed you from this book of knowledge, let me help heal you.
I may be walking on weak legs, but i have been collecting light on my way.
i too am incomplete.
But they love us.
Broken pieces of self…we were left that way by the generation before us.
But that’s no excuse.
Everyone is someones child and pieces of me lay undiscovered and like you there is more yet to learn.
Voices pray to Jah but their actions are idle.
How can you see a sign to turn right if your eyes are closed?
How can you hear the calvary with the medias headphones on.
Love letters written in braile passed to people without fingers expecting them to learn a language they have never felt.
Brother I tried to reach out for others but i fear we’re alone.
Bright lights and sirens
blue and red blurs
visions of hope untouched by the hands of man.
But i love you…listen to my words no lt muly actions.
Youre waiting for the chains reaction…like the rest of us.
can you expect a phantom to lead you in to truth…what makes it better than you?
darling shut your eyes and stay close grab my hand they say…after all even the blind leading the blind is bound to wind up somewhere.
But what good is it all if no one makes it back to tell the story.
But…they loved you.
i watched you grow in stages, like pages of a book…you cant see it but there are volumes within you.
Beautiful and pure…untainted.
A blank slate was left here for you, the mold is no clone.
so innocent you were.
Our words and actions dye your skin in shades of grace.
Stripes and strikes placed on you by unknown faces.
…while allowing you to tread in unsafe places black and blue…we still broke through despite broken actions colored in we love you.


Chandelier (tbc)

Make me the high light and you’ll never know 
the cloak of darkness for love casts flames to 
lifeless flickers bringing warmth to the dormant cold
It’s a sight to behold 
the melting of ice that is slowly
seduced by gravity as it pools at the base of the root
cavities in the grooves of the soil exhale softly as the drips
moisten the very basis of its cavern 
Fortifying and strengthening that which they can not see
But it’s still there
Interlocking ever-changing with each pulse
…growing breathing living
Succulent fruitage it will produce because dormant it is no more
Entangling enchantedly rich, vibrant and secure.
It is the only cure…
Make me the high light and you’ll never know what the
Darkness brings.


Protected: If thou shall fall

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I Was There©

March 11, 2005

I don’t want your hand this time I’ll save
myself I stepped it to the abyss for you for you to let me fall I
walked into waters of deep for you for you to let me drown How can
one person be so cruel? I would have walked through brimstone to
come and get you I was with you when nothing was your name I heard
your voice when all else were deaf I saw you for you when all
others were blind How can you say love me? I kept you cool when
anger consumed you I had faith in you when your own faith lacked. I
believed in you I would have never hurt you I loved you I always
had your back, yet you like so many needed more. There is just so
much that time could not erase And because of you I now must wear
the shades Shades that protect me from others like you Shades that
set me apart, and make me watchful Shades that block the fear Fear
that you’ve given me A bequest from you to me that makes me look,
at all of your kind sideways, Since trust is hard to find, not
easily given, and not easily shared How can I survive when all I
see is the darkness because the luminous light that once glowed.
within is now gone. How can I now trust, now that I know that there
are ones out there like you? How can love be so blind that I
couldn’t see your truth?

Old one but a good one. Koia Nyx

Dark paradise.

Walking through the forest just before dusk, a woman slowly
stumbles through lost and doe eyed. The air is thick with lavender
and honeysuckle staining her skin with the imprint of the forest.
The fire flies over head crescent the road, as the voice of an
angelic girl whispers below. Through the trees over streams, past
the rocks on the ground, around trees through the bushes she is
drawn to the sound. Silence creeped in, panic set in as she twists
all around. Eyes scanning the picturesque setting, from mountain
tops to the ground. Through the trees, she think she sees a little
girl billowing the sound. Shadows danced on and she crept on her as
dress flapped in the breeze. Hello? Who’s out here …silence swept
with the breeze. In the pasture near the Jupiter bush a little
figure stands out. Feet muddy, hands bloody, the woman reach her
hand out. Silence begets silence a sigh of release is exhaled.
The girl turns with a freckled nose and is greeted by the wind.
Little one all alone why did you not again cry out? To which the
girl replied: The sun kisses my skin so in the day I felt its
warmth and I’m not alone. The woman said to the child: Young girl
all alone, why do you sit out here? To which she replied: The
voices are so loud I can’t hear my own fears. She moves closer, fears?
Away from the noises I can dry my own tears. Why are
there tears? Did you know no one hears the screams, when the cries
are muffled by hello and a smile. Cloaked expressions behind a
paper mâché mask of superficial feelings dance to melodies of
silence. With the fire flies over head christening the road, as the
voice of an angelic girl whispers above. Through the trees over
streams, past the rocks on the ground, around trees through the
bushes she was drawn to the sound.
-Koia Now playing: dark paradise
Artist: Lana del Rey

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I’m different yeah I’m different

The amount of self hate, racist comments and “hidden” mindsets I have seen during the past year is heartbreaking. You can learn lot about a person by being quiet and letting them speak. I was raised that there is one race of people on this earth science fiction aside…and thats the human race. I wish some of your parents loved you enough to raise you the same way with a mutual respect for others. Ethnicity, gender, sociodemographic…none of that should matter…when I see a person I see A PERSON. #takeOffYourVeil saying that “I was raised that way” or “I was raised to believe that” is not an excuse for ignorance and hatred. Everyone is not the same as the people you watch on tv or few people you have met that seem to have shaped this notion that made you classify an entire population in the manner that you have. #imDifferent …just as different as everyone else. The choices you make today will determine who you are tomorrow.-Nyx

Mental blackout

There will always be varying opinions but there’s only one
fact. It shouldnt matter what ethnicity or gender or what social
demographic a person is in an unarmed child was gun down and
murdered on his way home with candy by a grown man with a gun. Its
not our place to judge others. Close your eyes take away their
“colors” and the neighborhood…wrong is wrong and justifying a
wrong still does not make it right. The whole world is laying in
the hands of the wicked one so it is no suprise that bad things
will happen to “good” people just as they will happen to bad
people. People are murdered everyday, people are raped everyday,
people die from illness everyday, people die from starvation
everyday and bad water everyday but people also survive and are
made strong everyday by the experiences they had yesterday. No a
hood or a black photo won’t change anything but hopefully its
sparks a change in the mindset of the next person who is debating
on whether or not to pull a trigger or a knife or the next
corporation exec that places the profit over people physical/mental
health and wellbeing. Change your mindset…infect others with that
positivity then watch what happens and what starts to happen
less. A ribbon doesn’t change cancer but the child
that loss a parent to it…just might. I’m just saying…Nyx.

Watch “The Giving Tree” on YouTube

High treason (raw edit)

Sometimes I sit and watch my words take flight.
I write with no aim, directions nor vision in sight.
That feeling that you get when you have a blank canvas at your finger tips.
Vulnerable to the colors.
A slave to the stroke.
Nothing but you and the thoughts that you keep quiet throughout the day.
The thoughts that you lock down at night because they will get in the way.
The way you have the ability to layer them on and chip away at feelings.
No one to question no need to reason.
…these thoughts run one wild with the abyss.
Some statements are a near miss.
Untamed and unafraid, they seemly bare no shame.
Ink stained fingerprints.
This is my embodiment.
Willingly I dance to it…can’t seem to break free.
Each poem unique as the date and time it was written.
Many of my thoughts are forbidden.
To give in is an act of emotional treason so I shut down and live through this pen.
Unfortunately there’s a certain peace in sin.
Like a cool breeze on a hot day, you get a warning chill but you don’t want it to stop.
As you follow into a trance until the last ink in the pen stops.
Words dance.
Thoughts pass.
Today’s a new day.
Yet so many words linger from yesterday.
It’s kind of beautiful the way that the consonants and vowels dance and make love against the page.
Waves of emotions crash against the barriers of conscience and the bubbles of reality linger as remnants rape the shore painting images with words.

Ducks mallards in the hood…I love surprises



It’s easy to fall under words…that’s why we are taught to watch actions.
Like a lioness watches hyenas in the field when cubs are near by, you learned the ways of those that seek you out.
Like stones in your pockets the words can weigh you down.
Have you gasping for air while reaching through the waves to the break the barrier that’s causing you to fade.
Heavy thoughts…
The breaking down of consciousness to rebuild a reality that was once so distance.
Heavy dreams…
Pieces of night are becoming one with the day, kissed by dusk and marked by the dawn.
Heavy words…
Breathing in and exhaling echoes.
These thoughts seep into my pores because they mimic my own.
Invading circuitry, and breaking receptors.
Brutally honest he forces me to look into myself rerouting veins and arteries to force life back into the beats.
Refused to take no for an answer…my voice was lost…left to rely on faith.
Knowing me like I do…is a feat that only a handful can confess to.
Refused to let me let this die when the pulse was fading.
Years upon years.
There’s a highness that accompanies how these words touch my drums.
There’s a sophistication that comes with the rebuilding levels of the heart.
He has made that clear.
To watch the pieces fall in reverse, is an art.
A form and function unfathomable and like no other.
It’s like watching flood rains drifting back to the clouds from which they came.
He has more faith in my heart than I do.
one can’t help but wonder how can one trust a piece of me that has been broken and glued back together time after time.
Resilience is brilliant.

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