Through the looking glass

“He was always in the looking Glass
Staring hard for clues but looking pass…that which he was meant to see.
Silently peering…studying for what made him, him…”



Glass child…glass child where have you been, your dress is full of cob webs and dust covers your skin. I did not know the time nor place for time had no breath there. Thoughts float lowly in the darkness like feathers in the breeze. Glass child …lovely glass child your clothes though worn are not […]

Chandelier (tbc)

Make me the high light and you’ll never know  the cloak of darkness for love casts flames to  lifeless flickers bringing warmth to the dormant cold It’s a sight to behold  the melting of ice that is slowly seduced by gravity as it pools at the base of the root cavities in the grooves of […]